I have produced video and photographic content for Bluman Associates for several years now. It's always a thrill to experience their first rate projections mapped with precision and artistic excellence. Whether it be on a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan, a City of Culture event in Hull or the numerous smaller projects around the UK the content produced is always fascinating to document. Video mapping and creating content that will be projected onto huge canvases like skyscappers or satilleite dishes of the large intergaltic type requires teams of people fromm all types of backgrounds.

The equipment used is specialist in nature and the sets and constructions that house the projectors need tp be built to specification so that lining up the angles of projector beams hits the building at the right angle so as to create the framework for the graphic content that will be beamed onto it. Often these events take place outside so in all weather types it can be challenging to document the behind the scenes andthe events themselves. Trekking through, mud, protecting oneself from the rain or cold or perhaps even enjoying the balmy nights of a late summer New York have been all part of the exerpience for me.

Always though there is a childlike glee at being able to film these huge video mapped canvases and it is always a thrill  getting back home and editing the content produced.

Fora is a company that have revolutionised co-working spaces in London. From Shoreditch to Borough they have acquired buildings that they have refashioned into  beautifully articulated office spaces often with panoramic views over the London skyline. Part of their ethos is driven by the desire to create affordable office spaces that are a reflection of the local community. Rather than driving locals out there is a drive to create a community hub and this is reflected in the many events and talks they host. I've filmed and photographed many of these divers events from Design Weeks, International Women's Day week to Film Festivals. They also have awesome end of year parties for there highly energetic staff who love to boogey.

Often being commissioned to do headshots for a CEO of a company can lead to broader range of social media content being commissioned and Highview Power is a case in point. Having photographed a large percentage of their staff at their London Head Office I became involved in documenting their power plant in Pilsworth. Highview Power is a long-duration energy storage pioneer, specialising in cryogenic energy storage. It is based in the United Kingdom and the United States. Their Pilsworth plant has been a showcase for clients in the green energy sector looking for clean back-up energy. Creating content to explain the technical aspects of this power plant has been crucial in communicating the engineering marvels behind their plant to prospective clients the work has involved both photographic and video content.  

My appreciation and love for fine wine and dining was catapulted into the super league when I began work at Hakkasan in the early 2000's. I had just arrived in London and being just off the boat I was happy to work in that beautiful Chinese Michelin star restaurant that lurked beneath the streets of Hanway place and Tottenham Court roads in central London. The smoking ban had not yet lifted so by the end of a shift the restaurant was enveloped in a grey smog that had aspects of beauty when shafts of light would pierce through from the overhanging table lights when the DJ would be playing his final tunes and the remaining quests hung on to their drained glasses. It was here that I trained to be a sommelier and for 3 years I tasted my way through the finest wines from all over the world. Gorgeous French wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, Margaret River wines from Australia, Spanish Riojas and Hungarian Tokaji and so on. Hakkasan was frequented by the rich and famous the world over and I have a long list of famous actors, royalty and sports stars that I have served: Anjelica Houston, The King of Jordan, Serena Williams, Daniel Craig to name a few. Despite the fame and glory that became common place after a while it was the art of wine appreciation that taught me so much about the aesthetics of the sensual and the importance of context or terroir as the French would have us say. The snapshot of taste that one experiences from any wine is a reflection not only of the winemaker and producers but also the very soil, water, air and landscape that the vine nourishes itself from. The struggle to survive or lack thereof becomes an imprint on the flavour profile. Every taste like a photograph is a snapshot or story of a particular time and place. I loved how a story of a particular wine when embellished with travel experience and quirks could sell even the most ludicrously expensive wines. The story or narrative of art is for me the most compelling aspect as it forges a bond between the art form and the person experiencing it. There is that transformative nature. The imagination is enlivened and one is taken places while remaining physically grounded. The lifestyle shoot forms this function in many ways. It gives you the snapshot or experience of the product and should enliven the imagination. When the imagination is fired up and the senses are teased it is not long before the body wants to experience in reality what it sees. These temptations can be crude but not necessarily and in the fine photographic ethic within which I work I feel the subtle nuanced approach brings a classic sense of artistic aesthetic to the marketing experience.

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