• What does your business headshot say about you? What does it say about your company or the company you work for? If your headshot is looking tired and lacks personality then maybe it's time to update. Freshen up your photos like a good spring clean. Feel alive and fresh. People can only respond in a positive sense.

  • People make assumptions about the value and worthiness of a company based on the people that they see on its website. Your headshot becomes the frontline of the company in so many interactions that could either generate business or negate it. Likewise with people looking to work within a company. Are they being put off by dated images that suggest an indifferent working environment? In this day and age of instagram and facebook where our online personalities are scrutinised like never before it is so important to gain some control over ourimage. An engaging smile, a warmth in the eyes can attract certain clients, likewise a confident look with a confident body posture can be just the thing that a client sees to reassure him/her of a potential deal.

  • For many people being photographed can be an ordeal. We can think too much about wanting to look like rather than being authentically ourselves in front of the camera. It can be a fine balancing act between style and authenticity but I am here to help you achieve a great headshot that has a fresh contemporary feel and also reflects the glow of your unique personality.



This is an hour long photo session either at your office/home. 5 Edited Photos in Colour and B&W.  

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2 hour photo session in your home or at your office. 3 clothes changes, 12 Edited Photos in Colour and B&W. 

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Business headshots for the team. 20 minutes each with 3 Edited Photos in both Colour and B&W.  

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